It’s the last day of August, and it feels like a good time to check in with all the remaining summer fun we’ve had that I never posted. I did post some things a few weeks ago, but this is it. All the rest. It was a great summer! But, we are ready for one last vacation and then back to school. It’s time. She will have had 3 months of summer, with no camps or big summer programs (one day a week at a play gym), and this child NEEDS to go back to school. She loves it, she misses it, she’s ready.

But this summer was amazing! She could do so many great thing this year, and we had a ball.


Playground fun and gathering sticks for our yarn bomb sticksIMG_0999

Elephant and Piggie puppets at the public library. IMG_0935

Shaving cream fun. Tons of shaving cream fun. Colored shaving cream, dinosaur car washes with shaving cream, So. Much. Shaving Cream!


And water play with her big messy play mat and tub. I got play fish, little toy dinosaurs, we even have some little farm animals lying around. I’d bought those blue glass beads as decorations for a party. IMG_0331



Painting. She’s big into painting on her easel in Mommy’s studio these days. IMG_9481

The imagination on this one. So many elaborate play scenarios. Yesterday she told everyone she ran into that a kitty kat stole her family, and it was up to her to rescue them. IMG_9683

Sticker book stories. IMG_9352

The beach! Making sand castles with her dad. IMG_1730


We went into the city a few weeks ago with my mom and my 9-year-old niece Grace, to visit the American Girl store. H got a little toy dog and a baby doll that she named “Anna.”IMG_1679

These are some of my favorite ladies!IMG_1678

Playing at the LL Bean store, with the dog we ended up taking home. IMG_1625


Ice cream. IMG_1575

Feeding farm animals at Atlantic Farms. IMG_1507

She loves puppies, and we don’t have one for her to hug! She was desperate to hug a puppy one day, so we ended up at the pet store. The best she could do was watch through the grooming window. IMG_1486

Exploring at the library. IMG_1465

Hanging out at the Seaside Heights boardwalk. IMG_1029

Backyard exploring. DSC02017

Raspberry picking!IMG_0209

Hose fight.IMG_0080

The end. All of the summer. It’s been a fantastic one.