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So this is the custom project I was working on for a friend. Audrey is a sorority sister I met…wow, about 12 or 13 years ago? And we’ve been part of several alumnae chapters together. She did all of these 5ks a few years ago, but the race bibs have just been hanging around. So, she asked me to put them together with some pink fabric (pink is one of our sorority colors).


After I trimmed all of the bibs and fused them with interfacing, I worked on piecing them together with 2.5″ strips of pink fabrics. The bibs aren’t uniform in size, which was hard to work with. The quilt isn’t symmetrical, so then I sort of purposely offset each row a little bit.


This was extremely pink and flat when I finished piecing the top. I was actually worried that it wouldn’t come together. But once I started the quilting, it really gained some dimension and texture. The quilting woke this right up.





In the end, I loved this project. It was a challenge to figure out how to work with Tyvek, but now I know what I’m doing. I like how the race bibs pop, and I like the personality in this. It’s Audrey’s color, Audrey’s warrior woman badges. It was nice to make this to fit someone else. racequilt7