We went up to my mom’s in North Jersey for Thanksgiving last week, and it was a really wonderful day. H and her little cousin CJ (who is NOT so little anymore) hung out, and we even got her to lick a spoon of my mom’s sweet potato casserole. H is 8 months old and still refuses to eat anything but breast milk (and the occasional bottle of formula, we’re trying to get her used to SOMETHING).

This is her typical “I hate food” face.

It also turns out that H is a complete bully who steals her cousin’s toys. She took that football and crawled away with it, and poor CJ can’t crawl after her yet..

But in the end they made up and had a lot of fun together.

Those were just taken with my point and shoot, but that morning I practiced some of my food photography on the appetizers I made. I never took photos of the finished stuff, but here are some making of photos.

I toasted some cashews for Cashews with Crispy Sage and Garlic. Actually, I thought these were pretty delicious. And completely vegetarian, I’m branching out.

I also tossed this kale with olive oil and garlic, then roasted it for Crispy Kale with Lemon-Yogurt Dip. I, of course, forgot the actual dip at home. But the roasted kale was crazy good. I was trying to change it up from the usual carrot sticks and celery.