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I finished the top! And I did it in time for Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Saturday, which seemed fitting.

The sashing was a little tricky to sew on once I’d assembled the blocks with the flaps…I had to be really careful not to sew the flaps down. But once I got the hang of it things moved along pretty easily. I’m surprised how quickly this came together, and how much I love the look of it.

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We went up to my mom’s in North Jersey for Thanksgiving last week, and it was a really wonderful day. H and her little cousin CJ (who is NOT so little anymore) hung out, and we even got her to lick a spoon of my mom’s sweet potato casserole. H is 8 months old and still refuses to eat anything but breast milk (and the occasional bottle of formula, we’re trying to get her used to SOMETHING).

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