And she has adorable taste, this was my favorite theme as well.

Yesterday I took her up to the Paramus Container Store as part of a whirlwind day visiting folks. We saw an old high school friend of mine, Ryann, who’s asked me to make a baby quilt for the little girl she’s having Christmas week. We had lunch with my mom and coffee with Kathy, and in between that H was introduced to her mother’s annual holiday tradition.

Now before anyone suggests that I influenced her decision making, let it be known that I held up a variety of options, 2 at a time, and she made clear decisions about which one she liked. I had greens (like last year’s cherry red and kelly green, I never posted photos of that one) and other color schemes, and she always went for these colors. I mixed in the same papers in a different hand a couple of times, and she still picked the one she liked (like these polar bears she loved). I even held up papers in the same color story, and she would either pick one definitively or grab them both and wave them around (so both went into the cart). So I feel this was as unbiased an experience as you can have with an 8 month old, and since she will be the one playing with most of this paper I figured she should have a say in it.

And she did.