Last Sunday H and I headed up to NYC for a day out with Laura Ann. We met at her place in Astoria so I could see some redecorating she’d done (which looked fantastic, by the way). When I ran back out to the car for something, Laura Ann and H posed.

So sweet! We walked over to Broadway to have lunch at The Queens Kickshaw. I loved this place, we parked the baby in her stroller by the door and sat at a big square communal table sharing cider and eating grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was the end of Cider Week, which is like Laura Ann’s high holy days.

We shared this giant bottle of Crispin cider, which was amazingly good. Laura Ann has me hooked now.

The grilled cheese and soup were perfect for the day.

After a nice long lunch catching up we packed into the car and drove to Chelsea to walk the Highline at sunset.

Laura Ann had been several times, this was my first. And I can’t stop thinking about it, I’m already planning my next trip and any reason to be there again at sunset. It was funny, I was thinking how much it reminded me of The Curious Garden, and then we passed a table for the Friends of the Highline that had the book on display. Great minds.

I especially love the seats where you can sit and look out over 10th Avenue.

Puffy vests, a city walk, cider, and grilled cheese with soup? I can’t think of a more perfect fall day.  I needed that city recharge.