Adam had to go into the office today, and it was also the last meeting of the year for the NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild. It has actually been a full year since I’ve made it to a meeting, I just never managed it once I was pregnant. So I really wanted to go today, and therefore the 3 of us loaded into the car and headed into Manhattan to dip our toes into the whole taking-H-to-the-big-city pond. No crazy activities, no adventures with cabs or subways yet. Just a practice run.

Adam wandered around Midtown for a couple of hours while the ladies talked quilting. It’s kind of becoming comical how much this kid sleeps in her stroller. She slept through almost the entire quilt guild meeting.

I ducked out about halfway through the meeting so Adam, H, and I could grab lunch downtown before he officially he had to report to work. She slept through most of her first trip to Blue Smoke (the downtown outpost). We walked around downtown a bit in the beautiful weather, she slept. Adam showed H is office, so now she has seen where both of her parents work. She was awake and excited to see Daddy’s office, and we showed her this view:

Adam was getting a bagel on the far corner of the farthest tower that morning, we told H about it. That was a bit of a moment, I hadn’t been to Adam’s office since the memorial was finished and the new tower was so far along. And it was surreal, to think this will seem like ancient history to H as she grows up.

And that was it. We hopped back in the car and headed home. But now I know H can handle the trip and be perfectly happy. On to planning more city adventures.