bubbleloungeOf all the neighborhoods in New York, Tribeca is probably the one Adam and I visit the least. Neither of us knows why this is since our favorite bar is the lounge at the Tribeca Grand, and we like that hotel so much at one point we considered getting married there. Maybe it’s the fact that since we’ve become official suburbanites we’ve spent less and less time pretending to be the polished sophisticates that hang out in places like Tribeca. We set foot in that neighborhood and the locals have got our number. They know we spend more of our time on the couch watching things we’ve TiVo’d than living it up among the glitterati of New York City.

But it’s fun to do it once in a while, to remind ourselves that we can still run with the cool kids.

Last night was one of those times. My mother-in-law is in town this week for a workshop, so we met up at Centrico (Aaron Sanchez is the chef). You don’t find a lot of Mexican food in England, so Adam wanted something unusual for his mom. It was absolutely delicious and reasonably priced. After the delicious pork belly tacos I had to start, I gobbled up this duck with so-good-I-want-it-on-everything dulce de leche sauce. I took a picture with my iPhone, but I’ve decided not to post it since it really doesn’t do the dish justice.

Then we went across the street to The Bubble Lounge for Laura Ann’s 30th birthday bash. This photo is from our perch before everyone arrived. It’s a champagne bar, and we had a really nice time. Of course we left earlier than most to catch a train home (LA didn’t get home until 6am!), but it was a great night with great people.