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covering buttons

I’ve started covering the buttons for the calendar. I’ve now done all 7 of the small, filler buttons. I still have to do the actual date buttons.


The quilt top is completely finished now, so I just have to decide what fabric I’m using for the back and quilt this up. I’ve attached all of the Velcro coins for the calendar top, and I’ve also attached the piece of Velcro needed for the month tags at the top.

I couldn’t find fabric ink anywhere. When I stamped the days of the week on they were very light, so I made the mistake of going back over them with a Sharpie. I seem to be convinced that Sharpies can fix anything, and I forgot that it would bleed. So the “W” for Wednesday is a little funky, but the rest I can live with. I bought some fabric pens to do some stamp experiments for the date buttons. I’m really happy with this, and it’s coming together pretty smoothly. I might even finish it by the end of the week!