I have not even had a chance to finish my Halloween decorating at work, but I did get this bulletin board done last Friday. I’m in love with it. I love doing bulletin boards, but the past couple of years I hadn’t really had time to organize myself beyond my beloved library tree. This year is different. I love my Blast Off With Books board (a program that’s turning into a big hit, by the way). I still love my library tree. And now this back of the room board I’ll change up frequently.

I kept up the white background paper I’d used for my gold medal-themed September board. I used my roll of brown kraft paper to cut out some cave-like ridges and lay it over the white background. Then I cut out the bats using a template I found online, used 2 pieces of red construction paper for the vampire’s cape, 1 piece of black paper to give him a turtleneck (I didn’t bother with arms or anything). I drew his face on a circle of pale white paper, and I cut out a black hairdo to match. The school die cut machine and some red construction paper gave me the letters, and voila!

Love. It.