Other posts on this project: H’s Project Life Pt. 1.

I worked on H’s Project Life book pretty diligently until school started, and then I hit a wall. Those first few weeks when I went back to work, I would just burst into tears whenever I looked back at our time together. It was too overwhelming to see photographic evidence of how amazing it was to spend every second with her, and I was just too on edge to deal.

So I put aside H’s book for a whole month, until last weekend when I finally felt good and solid back at work, I was making the most of my weekends with her, and everything felt right with the universe. But, of course, now I was even more behind on the project, and the weeks of things I had been trying to remember since I started the book were starting to jumble. So I had this mad-dash evening where I caught her up from about 1 month old to 3 months old. I didn’t get crafty or exciting with the on-photo captions or layouts, but I felt really satisfied to make up some ground. And, I did buy a 2nd binder. There’s no way it’s all going to fit, I may even divide it up into my pregnancy and then her life. We’ll see when we get there.

The only gap right now is her actual birth. There’s just too much to say! I need to make a list of Adam’s photos from that whole week that I want him to print for me, and I need to think about exactly how I want to tell her birth story. But I’m getting there.