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We bought these curtains, and Adam hung them up last week. They are true blackout panels, it’s pretty impressive how dark this room gets.

We bought some pieces from IKEA’s STUVA line for kids, which I think go perfectly with our Ouef Robin collection crib and dresser. I put my old stuffed toys on top, and that very cool string of elephants was a present Adam’s parents just sent over from their recent trip to Sri Lanka.

I found this finished remnant at a local carpet store after Adam suggested looking there. We needed a 5×7 or 5×8 area rug to cover the dark blue paint drips on the carpet from when we moved in and I painted the guest room (who knew canvas tarps leak?). We were going to buy this rug, but in the end I bought this excellent wool remnant for $100. And I actually like it so much more.

We also got 2 IKEA Expedit units for H’s room, which we’ve filled with books and toys to surround her dresser/changing table.

We’ve picked a nursery chair but haven’t ordered it yet, and I’m also waiting for some decals to come for the walls. I’m working on a wall quilt to go above the dresser, and we have some other super cool things to hang on the walls. But all her little clothes are washed and organized in various drawers, her bed is made, and we’re definitely making big progress!