adam's room finishedI’m telling you, we’re on fire this year with the decorating. First the upstairs bathroom, then the tree decal in the dining room, then the library, now Adam’s room.

The deal when we bought a house was that we each get a “room,” an office or studio for all our toys and hobbies. We want to finish our basement and turn it into a home theatre and a real studio for Adam, complete with space for his DJ decks and photography equipment. But that’s a while away still, so for the past 2 years he’s been in the last remaining bedroom like it’s a temporary holding cell. He finally decided to paint and get a decent desk until he can move into his dream space in the basement. The IKEA desk came while I was still out of school for the summer, and this weekend we finally cleared our schedules to get the painting done.

The only rooms left unpainted in the entire house are the last 2 bathrooms. I bought paint for the one downstairs, upstairs in our bedroom suite bathroom. we need to do a lot more than paint.

Here are some photos of the latest home decorating project.

Adam’s room before:

adam's room before

It was always kind of a bummer in here for me, I wanted him to have a space that was nicer.

adam's room before 2

Adam’s room after:

adam's room after

The blue isĀ  by Behr, and the grey is Pale Grey from Ralph Lauren.

adam's room after 2

adam's room after 3

Here’s Adam (left) and my brother putting his new desk together and getting his shelves back in the room. My brother was awesome, he was supposed to come over so we could celebrate his birthday (it was last Saturday while we were in Seattle). He ended up helping us paint, move out the old desk and couch, and put together Adam’s new desk. Rock star!

furniture assembling



Now Adam just has to move all his stuff out of the guest room and back into his room. He can take his sweet time with that, my role in this project is all done.

adam's stuff

I’ll post more when he’s completely set up in there.