We’re redecorating our guest bathroom upstairs. Well, I can’t really say “re”decorating since it wasn’t decorated in the first place. It was a box with the paint the builder had used for the entire house. Most rooms in our house have at least been painted at this point, by me or by professionals. But this one was still a clean slate, and we bought this great Banana Yellow paint from Benjamin Moore weeks ago and never got started. We also ordered these great decals from Dali Decals (in orange and white), who made the poppies on the hallway wall downstairs. I’ve been kind of a sloth this week with Adam out of town, and since the beaches are crazy this weekend (which means local traffic probably is, too) I decided to just paint it myself.

It’s always incredibly satisfying to me to paint a room, to see the progress and the dramatic change from beginning to end. But now that I’ve painted the dining room, the guest bedroom, and this bathroom on my own I’m thinking perhaps I’ll retire from that practice. I just get very stubborn and decide to do these things myself rather than wait for weekends when Adam can help. We’ve still got the downstairs bathroom and library on my list, and someday if we ever finish the basement and Adam moves out of his room there will be that one as well. Ugh.

Anyway, here are some before/during/after pictures of the bathroom. The decals aren’t up yet, I’m still deciding whether to wait for Adam on that one.

upstairs bathroom before

Here’s the bathroom before. Nothing exciting, just cream walls and an tatty old navy blue bath mat.

upstairs bathroom first coat

Here’s the first coat of paint on, when all the tape was still up. I taped off the bathroom last night, and with a rare display of reasoning for me I decided that 1am was not the ideal time to actually start painting.

upstairs bathroom painted

Here’s the finished product. I absolutely love this color, but I don’t love the photos. Forgive the pictures, I know I’ve been complaining about my broken camera for weeks now but it really is a pain. The LCD screen (and viewfinder, why is the viewfinder LCD, too?) have gone almost completely white. The camera itself still works, but since I can’t see any menus to adjust settings and can hardly see what I’m taking a picture of, the photos aren’t terribly spectacular. But I still love how this came out wanted to share.

Now the decals need to go up, the new shower curtain, and all the fixins. Then on to the next house project.