Last weekend Dan and Ken came over to help Adam tackle the guest room, which from now on will be H’s room. We still have some painting to finish, but here are some photos of its transformation so far.

Here’s a “before” picture, except the fan and junk on the floor aren’t usually there. We knew covering the Midnight Navy paint on the walls would be an adventure. I like dark rooms, what can I say?

Furniture out, windows taped off.

Adam, Dan, and Ken priming the walls. They were in very high spirits at this point, burgers were waiting for them on the other side.

When the walls were all primed, we headed to Bobby’s Burger Palace while they dried.

They painted the ceiling and 2 of the walls pure white, and the other 2 walls are Benjamin Moore’s Leather Saddle Brown. And this is where we left things last weekend. The blue is still showing through the corners and seams on the white walls, so we need to touch those up, let it dry, and then put the second coat of brown on the walls. But they did just tons in one afternoon, I love those guys.