Other Baby’s Room posts: Baby’s Room Pt. 1.

The painting is finished!

Two walls are Benjamin Moore’s Leather Saddle Brown.

Two walls, the ceiling, and the trim are Benjamin Moore White. Just…white.

And furniture is now being assembled by Superdad Adam! Since I took this picture yesterday he’s also got the dresser, the toy bench, and the cabinet assembled, but it’s kind of a cardboard and styrofoam tornado in there at the moment and I didn’t take any more pictures. Also because he does his best work after daylight hours, and I like the natural lighting in these shots.

Next I will be ordering a rug to cover all the paint stains I left on the carpet when this was a guest room that I painted super dark blue (on all 4 walls). We’ve picked curtains, I must go and obtain them. Also, sheets. Then we start unpacking H’s closet, which is currently filled to bursting with clothes and nursery goodies. 6.5 weeks till H Day.