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Since I was on a roll this past week catching up on bee blocks, I went ahead and did all of my January blocks so I could mail everything off and rest easy until next month. And for the Pretty in Pink Bee, February is mine! I got all my fabric cut and packaged for that, too. But that’s for another post.

Two pinwheels for Karie in Pretty in Pink. I have to say these were a joy to make. Quick, and something I haven’t done before. I was happy with how these came out.

House block for Megan in Bee Improvisational. I have to be honest, I’m completely burned out on houses. It’s nothing against the ladies requesting them, they’re just not my favorite thing to make. I’m almost to the finish line with both of these bees, and I’m hoping houses don’t make another appearance in the few short months I have left. So I made her an apartment building block, just to change things up.