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I’m actually getting my August bee blocks done in August!! Okay, so I’ve got this bee down and 2 to go with 5 days left in the month. Think positive!

I really liked Angela’s fabrics, and I’ve decided that sewing 2.5″ strips together is very relaxing. But she was worried about getting the blocks 12.5″ square, and I have to admit I couldn’t get them there. I tried to be as skimpy on my seam allowances as I could, but I just couldn’t get them much past 12.25″ on either block. I tried! So I hope I’m not the only person who had this problem.

My bee block photos are so tough to take. Because they aren’t very artistic, just a straightforward shot of what I made for the Flickr groups. I tried a little more with these, at least I moved my green cutting mat out of the frame. 🙂