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I was so behind on my May bee blocks (especially for Bee Improvisational) that I decided to get a jump on June. I actually made these right after I finished Leila’s May blocks, it was a late sewing night.

These are for Jeremy, who asked for framed blocks. He sent strips of these great prints from the City Blooms by Kitty Kashida line. Very cute. He asked for 12.5″ blocks with a white inner border, and he sent me 2 big strips for the outer borders and then lots of these thinner strips below for the “framed” part of the block.

Both of the inner framed sections were made by sewing these strips together. For the 1st block I sewed the 3 strips on the left together into one long strip. Then I cut 4 squares out of the strip and rearranged them.

Then for the 2nd block, with the darker outside border (I’m so in love with that print), I sewed the remaining 5 strips together and cut diagonal squares out of the big strip.

I only made 2 diagonal squares, I wanted to play with the outer border dimensions on that block.

It was really late when I made these, and there is some uneven sewing that I could have done better, but overall I think these are funky. And I was able to get them in the mail today, along with Leila’s May blocks, so I’m actually 1 bee requirement ahead going into June. Two left to do, which I should definitely get on before the end of the school year completely takes over my life.