My mom and I went to see Elf on Broadway on Friday, and it was fantastic! I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a musical version of the movie, and without Will Ferrell no less. But it was so much fun, we both left feeling the holiday spirit. The songs are not the most original or catchy show tunes ever (I couldn’t remember one note to sing to you), but the energy of the cast (especially Sebastian Arcelus as Buddy) was so through the roof that it made the show special. The dancing was fun, the cast was clearly having a blast, and it all helped put the show over the top even without a legendary score.

And Black Friday was the perfect day to go. Everyone was off shopping, Midtown was quieter than I thought. And after the show we had an early, very quiet dinner at the absolutely phenomenal Fresco by Scotto. Adam’s eaten from their downtown outpost and loved it, and one of my coworkers raved about the original Midtown location. Anyplace that makes this

(Penne Gratin, the most amazing grown-up Mac ‘n Cheese I’ve ever had) is worth visiting. I literally couldn’t stop thinking about this dish the next day, I’m already trying to find a reason to go back there.

Such a great day, I think this might be a new Black Friday tradition.