I’m exhausted. I spent Thursday and Friday home sick with some highly mysterious bug that just knocked me out for 2 days. I’m talking marathon sleeping interspersed with coughing and sniffling. Because of that I missed a Philly Modern Quilt Guild gathering on Friday night, which really is a bummer because it will probably be the end of April before I can make another one.

So after 2 days asleep, I probably should have laid low this weekend. But Adam’s stepmom and dad are in town for a few days, and we had theatre tickets for yesterday afternoon. The Lion King, which I saw 10 years ago and loved (I can’t believe it’s been that long!). So canceling wasn’t really an option.

We took the train into Manhattan, had a killer lunch at Aureole (note the chocolate torte in the 1st photo, apologies for the iPhone shot), went to the show, and then had a killer dinner at the new Colicchio & Sons (this is the restaurant that the Top Chef judge just opened after closing Craft Steak). All in all it sounds like a great day, right?

Well, the moments indoors were great. Problem was, there was major torrential rain around here yesterday. It’s still raining today, although not as bad. So running from place to place, grabbing cabs, heading for the subway all meant we spent very little time dry yesterday. And it was nice to see his parents, don’t get me wrong. Just bad luck with the weather.

And REALLY bad luck with the trains. We showed up at Penn Station for a 9:07pm train to find out that ALL NJ Transit trains had been canceled at 4 that afternoon because of storm damage on the tracks. No more trains until morning. Huge throngs of people were heading to Port Authority to catch a bus, so we tried calling a car service. No cars available in the city until midnight. Eventually we found a cheap but nice hotel room (thank you, Priceline) and crashed for the night after another soggy sprint around midtown. We put our damp clothes back on this morning and arrived back at our house around 1pm.

So lots of fun events interrupted by weather that really wasn’t the best for someone fighting a cold. And now Adam is sniffling and sneezing, too.

However, I did venture out today to Target to check out the launch of the Liberty of London line. I’d planned on camping out at home on my computer at midnight this morning, but that was not meant to be. By the time I logged on nearly everything had sold out. But a trip back out in the rain to my local Target scored me this sheath dress in a fabulous pink print (2nd photo). So 2 great meals, a show, and a new dress vs. unreasonable amounts of rain, getting stranded in the city…honestly, I’m not sure which side wins out yet, but maybe in a few days I’ll know.