We spent Presidents’ Day weekend in Philadelphia, hanging out together and visiting museums.

Saturday morning we headed to Philly and stopped at Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia, which was actually inside a mall. H loved it, we had a great time there. But, it was pretty packed.

There was a Lego model of Philadelphia, which alternated from day to night, and I couldn’t get over the detail. Right down to the lines outside of Pat’s and Geno’s. So excellent.

This was, of course, just a couple of weeks after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Lego Philly had been updated to show the post-game celebrations. 

Including some fan riots. The neighborhoods had police horses, flipped over cars, knocked over lampposts. There’s even a flamethrower! Never change, Eagles fans. 

I enjoyed the builds more than the actual activities, but H loved the activities. I wouldn’t make another trip again just to get here (it was about 90 minutes from us), but it was a really fun stop on the way to Philly itself.

We checked into our hotel near Drexel and walked around the neighborhood, getting food at Copabanana and checking out the Last Word Bookshop.

I picked up this book so I can finally understand the language of my husband and in-laws. Adam spent a good amount of time flipping through this phrasebook and laughing, but also marveling at how accurate it was.

On Sunday we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences to look at the dinosaurs, which was another huge hit with H. She brought a notebook and pen so she could take notes and make sketches of all her scientific dinosaur findings.

I just love her notes and sketches of dinosaur skulls. I can’t take this kid, she’s too much. 

Then we walked across the way to the Franklin Institute for planes, trains, and more science.

A stop at Reading Terminal Market for treats from Flying Monkey Bakery and Metropolitan Bakery.

Monday it was time to head home, but first we spent the morning at the Philadelphia Zoo. It was rainy and chilly, which was actually a perfect day for the zoo. Not that crowded.

And cheesesteaks at Tony Luke’s on the way out of town.

I loved this weekend. I’m not sure when we’ll get to Philly again, so it was really nice to spend a couple of nights instead of just a day trip. It’s a two hour drive from us, so we don’t go that often, and we’ve never done this many fun things in the city before. My mom took us on day trips to Philly all the time as kids, but we did things I’d never done before. It was so nice, even with the cold weather. I’ve gotten some great travel weekends in so far this year, I have another one to write about soon. Till then, I’m off to get some sleep.