I turned 39 last Saturday! It’s been a week since then, and more than two weeks since I’ve blogged, and it’s been busy and eventful and so much has been going on. So I desperately need to catch up here.

My birthday was great. My brother gave me tickets to the Spongebob Squarepants musical¬†as a Christmas/birthday present, and we went the Sunday before my birthday. It was probably…the greatest musical I have ever seen. I seriously loved that over-the-top, absurd, glorious show. And I bought everything in the gift shop–socks, a ski hat, Christmas ornaments, and my new favorite mug.

My actual birthday was quiet, chill, and excellent. I got wonderful presents from my family–Star Wars crafts, a new work bag, Scrivener. And H picked out this pillow just for me, she thought I’d love it (I do). And wrote out her card and envelope. This was the first year of her picking out gifts and writing things all on her own. Huge milestone.

Adam had been in San Diego all week, flying home the morning of my birthday, and he brought H this new dress from Five Loaves and Two Fish, and she put it on immediately and wore it the whole weekend.

She had a sleepover at my mom’s, we had date night and went to see The Shape of Water–I also got to see Phantom Thread that week, both at our local indie cinema, which was great. And we picked up a birthday cake from Carlo’s Bakery to eat at my mom’s the next day.

This was the cake, it was amazing. Vanilla with chocolate buttercream.

And that was it. A simple, excellent birthday with everyone I love. Onward to a great year ahead.