I have this quilt I have been working on through three winters now. I started it in January 2015, then put it away shortly after for other things. Picked it back up again last January, finished the top, and then put away before I did anything else. This January I pulled it out again. It’s becoming an annual tradition!

Except this year, I made the backing, quilted it, and now all that’s left is the binding. It’s the first day of spring, I’m coming out of a wasted day with a fever and endless napping, and I’m hoping this does not go back in the closet until next January. So close! But so far.

I haven’t ever posted pictures of this quilt because it’s my own design, and originally I was going to try and get it published. But it’s taken some abuse over the years in storage, and now I just want to finish it and clear my decks. I don’t have a lot of UFOs, honestly. It makes me twitchy to have unfinished things. So this unusual, for me to have something sitting around for 2 years unfinished.

I had a scarf like that once, that I started knitting. But then I drifted away from knitting and it sat for a couple of years. And then I became determined, and I finished it. This is like that.

So, since it’s my own design but I’m probably not going to publish it, I’ve experimented with embroidering onto my quilts. It’s a new technique for me, and this was so much fun to practice. I machine embroidered a few Death Stars around and about on this one. A couple of them didn’t work so well, and I quilted over them. But I love the effect overall, and I learned some stuff about the limits of my embroidery machine, and what I can do with it.

But it was very cool to play and experiment. And hopefully I will have a full post and reveal of this one VERY SOON. Please hold me accountable, I do not want to have to bind this 10 months from now. 🙂