It’s always time for a haircut when I go into “bun phase” or “Detective Odafin Tutuola phase.” I didn’t make it to Fin Phase, but I was sporting a lot of buns. I hadn’t had a cut since last July. I got it cut almost two weeks ago, but I am behind on life after Miss H’s 5th birthday.

I don’t like having long hair. My hair just gets bigger and wider and more unmanageable the longer it gets, and this cut is about as long as I like it. Longer than I’d planned on getting for this cut, but I let my styling (Jacque at Devachan on Broome St., she is a goddess) do whatever she wanted. “As long as I can still pull it back” is my only rule for most haircuts. Because no matter how cute the cut is, some mornings I Just Cannot.

This cut is perfect. I love it. That is all I have to add. We can now resume our usual craft/quilt/book/food posts.