So, I have gotten my hands on some cool stuff lately. Like these t-shirts from Totally Good Time. (I also have a Gilmore Girls shirt, but I’m saving it for the Netflix premiere on Black Friday).


I also bought this JK Rowling collaboration shirt from Lumos a few months back, but it just arrived a couple of weeks ago. It was my post-election wear, which seems fitting.


I got someĀ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemĀ goodies from a GeekMom contact. Ready for the premiere!


And, the most life-improving thing I’ve gotten lately is this purse organizer insert from Chameleon Inserts. This is an XL with stiff sides for my Kate Spade Harmony tote, and it works really well.


I made a video of my purse re-org, and it’s been amazingly helpful in the few weeks I’ve been using it. Super, crazy, game-changing levels of helpful.

I’m catching up on all the things I want to talk about that have been on hold while I get my head in the game. So, this was just fun stuff, part of my current work-at-home-mom arsenal.