I think my new Life Planner cover kind of sums it up for this post. In my campaign to catch up on life, to get back to it, I’ve got a few planner updates.

Like said cover above, which is an awesome new purchase from 13 Hour Creations. Or this new dashboard (decorative divider or front page, for anyone who doesn’t speak planner, which is most normal people). This one’s also from 13 Hour Creations, and it’s for my Filofax.


My spread last week was a little moody, to say the least.



But, I did a sticker haul video for my YouTube channel to focus on fun stuff that’s been arriving lately. Like these incredible custom stickers from The Fox and Pip. Amanda drew these for me, I sent her photos and told her what I was looking for. I bought 4 sheets, I will love them forever.


Some of the other highlights from the video haul.


Here’s the actual video! I have a Thanksgiving one coming shortly. 🙂