We’ve had a pretty good Halloween season, but it was so long this year. Because I made our costumes at the end of August for our Disney trip (complete with a Halloween party in September), it has been two long months of Halloween festivities and anticipation. And now that it’s winding down, I’m glad to move on to the next thing. But we had a lot of fun!

On top of Disney, we had the local Halloween Fest a couple of weeks ago. Last week H went to the Halloween party at Great Play, a local play gym we love.





Picked up some Duck Donuts.


H was home sick on Friday and today, she’s had a really up and down cold that have left her feeling cruddy off and on. Today we went to the doctor and carved a pumpkin together. I did the cutting, she decorated him.




My Halloween nails, wraps from Espionage Cosmetics. I got a bunch of wraps lately, actually.


Then we did some trick or treating on our street. At first H didn’t want to get dressed, she just wanted to stay home and help me pass out candy. But as kids started getting out, she rallied for a trip around the neighborhood.



Mom and Dad got in on the fun, too. (Our babysitter took this photo for us). IMG_4127

And then we got one night with our pumpkin lit up, which was very exciting. IMG_4133

And now, on to November!