Last month we painted our bedroom, had new carpet installed, Adam was out of town for a week on business, H missed 3 or so days of school with a bug that just lingered, Halloween happened, H filmed to be on Sesame Street, I started a YouTube channel, my friend Kathy’s book was released, we saw the neurologist for a┬ácheckup for H, and I tackled about 70 trillion projects around the house.

I cleaned out the pantry, the laundry room closet, the laundry room cupboard, sorted and filed all the mail, decluttered our dining room table, restocked and reorganized both of our freezers, and cleaned out the linen closet. Many donations were made, many bags of trash went out. I was so tired last night after trick or treating, it felt like October had taken several lifetimes.

And it’s usually my favorite month! But it was packed this year. H is finally getting over her bug, she (and we) slept through the night last night for the first time in days. So now it’s November 1st, and I feel like a new person. But, it is not lost on me that it was some fine boot and turtleneck weather last month! I love my new lined boots, which I’ve been wearing to H’s horse sessions so I can trek through the woods.