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And now the last of our PJ Masks costumes for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Adam’s Catboy.

This one had its challenges, too. So first, I couldn’t find a long sleeve hooded t-shirt in the right shade of blue. Everything was light blue or navy, and Catboy needed a royal blue shirt. I bought a white one and tried to dye it, but it just turned out a kind of dull light blue.

So, I gave in and bought a royal blue, regular long sleeve t-shirt. And I used heat transfer vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo to make Catboy’s logo. The cat stripes I cut free hand.


Then I found a royal blue Neff beanie, and I used that to make Catboy’s head piece. Since there are no masks allowed for adults, hoods and hats are what we have to work with.


I made Catboy’s ears out of royal blue and navy felt.


And I cut lightning cat stripes free hand out of light blue felt and sewed them right on to the sides and the top of the hat.



It’ll be a little hot, but Adam has a Catboy costume! Now we just put all 3 looks together for the party itself, pictures of that to come!