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So Owelette was probably where I messed up the most on these costumes, but Adam’s Catboy had its problems, too. And I did get her figured out. And, I think this might be my favorite costume (and I get to wear it).

I thought I’d try to paint the logos on to the adult costumes first. Felt, which I used for H’s Gecko costume, felt a little lumpy for the grownups. Again, same as with Gecko I used my Cameo to make a stencil.


But the paint seeped right under the edges of the shirt.


So, I bought another shirt (it took me a little while to find these long sleeve red hoodie t-shirts). And I got some heat transfer vinyl, an obsession among all the Silhouette Cameo groups out there. And I tried again, with waaaaay better results.

IMG_1930I made Owelette’s mask into kind of a flap to attach to the shirt’s hood.


Then I made the cape. I cut out some vaguely feather shaped pieces from red felt (all free form, I just folded pieces of felt in half and cut).


Then I made some slightly smaller feather shapes out of light pink and bubblegum pink (which is just what I had on hand).

IMG_1957I topstitched the pink felt to the red felt, then I worked in rows. I randomly overlapped the feathers, fanning them out, and then topstitched again to just attach them along the curves where they overlapped.


Then I sewed each row to the next one.


I attached snaps so I could just attach the feather cape to the shoulders of the shirt.


And then I had an Owelette costume to go with H’s Gecko!