I hit a wall last week. Too hot, messing with my asthma, trying to tackle too many work and home projects at once. I haven’t felt 100% myself. But looking back at my photos from the month, July was awesome. And, I finally got a haircut last week!

I thought it’d been a year and a half since my last one, but I went back and checked. It was last June. So more than a year, but not quite so bad.

In July I discovered how amazing pinafores are. Which is an unfortunate time to discover this since it’s eleventy hundred degrees outside.

Today in particular I didn’t feel quite like myself, and I think that was actually because I had my last PT session for my knee. It’s crazy, the PT has made me feel so much better, and I’m getting fitter. But I think it just hit me how out of commission I’ve been this year because of this knee. The intense knee pain started in January, which just grinded my ability to do things right down to a halt. Then surgery in early April, then all of this recovery. It’s now August 1st, and I’m only now through PT and approved to do things like walk on the treadmill. I still can’t kneel or squat, but I am 1000x better than I was when the pain set in back in January. And, actually, better than I’ve been since I actually got this injury 3 years ago. It was August 2013, so almost exactly 3 years.

Which is great news! So much more mobility! But, still a bummer that 7 months of the year have been gobbled up by knee recovery. Here’s to hoping that the next 5 are full of cute outfits, good hair, and more activity.