Still here, and still on crutches. I took very few photos this month because I’ve been living in yoga pants and sitting down a lot. April was a ride, I am very much hoping to be off these crutches next week and getting back to normal life. My family has been amazingly helpful, but I miss every day things.

I didn’t fully grasp how tricky it would be to chase after a 4yo and try to go about everyday life with a bum knee for a month. And on top of that, I have an ear infection in my left ear. I caught a cold a week after surgery, and that ear has been plugged up every since. It’s day 3 of antibiotics, and I still can’t hear out of it. So, I’m hoping May will also bring some relief from this ear infection, too. A plugged up ear and a damaged knee to not make for the most balanced, together version of myself.