Target launched a new designer line of goodies back on April 17th, this time with Marimekko. Which is my favorite fabric designer. As much as I love Liberty, Marimekki’s big bold prints own my heart.

This line sold out fairly quickly. Not as quickly as others I’ve coveted, but it was gone in a few days. And I happened to be laid up with this knee at the time. So, I did manage to score everything I wanted to get, but I had to hobble around to a couple of different stores to get it. Matching black floral long sleeve rashguard swimsuits for H and I (I can only get away with matching mother/daughter stuff for so long). And a swim coverup for her.

marimekko target 2

I love this giant beach bag with a great blue print inside (it’s the blue version of the black floral in those swimsuits). I don’t know if I’ll use it as a beach bag, or if this is going to be my new quilt guild bag. But, it’s huge and perfect either way.

marimekko target 3

I love this little dress for H in this multicolor print, too. Such a cute little sundress for running around this summer.

So this was a happy shopping coup all around. Can’t wait to try this out when the weather actually gets warm.