Every 2 years I buy a new winter coat, and this year I bought this fabulous looker from Old Navy (I know, I’m fancy).

The thing is, I never get rid of the old coats. Or at least, it takes me several years. I still have (and wear) the 2006 coat (a brown wool number with ladylike collar and purple lining), the 2004 coat (winter white wool coat from the J.Lo line), and even occasionally the 2002 coat (a reversible red/orange puffer). I get very excited about coats and jackets. Don’t even get me started on my collection of blazers and trenches. But this year I decided to go witha bright, happy color and a retro style. I love the empire bodice and flared bottom, and I can work that collar. It’s a little shorter than my brown and white coats, which is also nice. Now it just has to snow.