I skipped posting one last week because I was completely exhausted after the green card interview and start of summer reading at the library. But I’m back this week with some kitschy red, white, and blue goodies to celebrate the 4th!

I think maybe this Captain America Tissue Box from Wonder Wares is the very definition of red, white, and blue kitsch.

If I ever had a house in the Hamptons, this Hunter/Jumper Horse and Rider Soap from Pink Parchment Soaps would be in the guest bathroom. Very upper crust American, but still with a sense of humor. Love it!

These Baseball Post Earrings from Tilley Jewels are the ultimate accessory at that Mets game.

I love the idea behind Beautiful Twists’ products-all vegan, humorously packaged, fun flavors and scents. She sells Sexy Librarian Maneater Body Mist, what more can I say? I may vote left, but the Republican Girl Lip Conditioner is apple pie flavored and I love the packaging.

That’s it for this week! I’m off to grill something.