I always love these September photos. You can see the transition as I go from looking like a complete summer schlub to an actual functioning member of society. My hair comes out of a ponytail! It’s a miracle!

September was wonderful but tough, and so far it’s given way to a wonderful October. September is stressful, back to school is always kind of a cluster. I forgot appointments left and right, it took us a while to get into our routine. But we had a wonderful cookout at the beginning of the month (I didn’t even post photos of that, did I?) and ended with everyone back in the flow of things.

I’ve been doing some great writing and behind the scenes stuff. Lots of changes. My flying geese quilt design was published. I’ve got a great secret project I’ll be talking more about in a few days.

I can’t complain, and I look cute in some of those photos! Bring it October. It’s fall! This is my SEASON.