Seriously, I am just finishing things left and right. LIKE A BOSS. I finished Maggie’s wedding quilt and got it in the mail (photos once it’s reached its destination). I¬†finally mailed off a magazine quilt that had fallen through the cracks. I also mailed off a handmade gift for a new mom friend (again, photos later) that should’ve been delivered last month.

I also submitted rewrites for a magazine article I wrote back in December. I signed contracts for two new sites to write for; technically that was last week, but I am as-we-speak working on pitches.

I’m cleaning up the family calendar, which is getting a little crowded as we head into the summer months. I have my next print article due any day now.

I’m on it, people.

Except that I haven’t grocery shopped, or ironed, or caught up on all of my back posts for this blog and for GeekMom. I still have about 10 house projects and life projects to follow up on.

I better get back to work. Here’s a picture of some cool trees until I get caught up enough to come back round here.