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I finished this little quilt for H Thanksgiving week, but for some reason I just never got around to posting photos. I don’t think it was any real reason other than the holidays kept me busy and then there was too much snow to take it outside for photos.

But here it is, H’s favorite drag-around quilt. This was a mini-me idea so she would stop stealing her dad’s Union Jack quilt right off of his body. I love the pattern from Busy Bee Quilt Designs. It came together quickly and just worked the way it’s supposed to. This is always appreciated.

victory gardens quilt 2

The pattern offers two sizes, a 73″ x 91″ version and a baby version. I made the baby version for H, and it’s a perfect size for her.

victory gardens quilt 3

And the plan worked. This is H’s “downstairs quilt,” the one she drags into her tent to play or asks for when she’s snuggled on the couch.

I quilted this one myself, it’s just free motion quilted (meandering all over).


I just…LOVE this quilt. Love the prints (listed in my first post on this project). I love the colors, the size, the quilting. I love the binding. I kind of want to make a full size one for myself.


The back is a London Underground print I bought yards and yards of as a backup plan in case the backing for Adam’s quilt didn’t work out. I’ve had it for years and never done anything with it. It is crooked, but that is how you know it was made with love. Or, that I was watching something good on Netflix rather than pay attention when pinning and quilting.

victory back

victory back 2