It’s been a quiet summer for sewing, but I finally finished this project. It wasn’t especially time consuming, but it still took me forever. I wasn’t happy with the first fabrics I picked and waited until the Cotton + Steel bundles I preordered came in from Westwood Acres Fabrics. I. Love. Them. And decided that even though I’d only ordered fat quarters I would squeeze this hat pattern out of them. Hence the totally misaligned purple print…actually, that was probably just a crazy print to make a curvy project out of, but I couldn’t help myself. It was calling out to me in the night. 


The hat pattern is from the book Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, and it’s reversible.


I love the aqua side, but it was hard to photograph on this super sunny day. I love that the hat is finished, she is super cute in it, and the curved seams were not as intimidating as I’d expected.


(But several of mine are wonky around the brim. Personality!). I’ve done curved seams before, but not on something you wear. I haven’t made many accessories period, so this was good practice. More hats all around!