This weekend I finally finished the ottoman I was working on for the baby’s room.

It’s another Amy Butler Gumdrop, the 3rd one I’ve made. I love this pattern, it comes together quickly and holds up really well to abuse. I didn’t add the patch on the top for this one, I liked the mismatched seams and slight pattern.

After trying out dozens of nursery chairs we bought the Nursery Works Cole Glider in taupe from Giggle, but we didn’t get the matching ottoman. I wanted to make a “pouf,” as my niece Grace calls them, because I’m really digging the mix of modern design and homey touches we’ve been pulling together in H’s room. I thought this worked perfectly.

And I love it in these fabrics. I bought this Echino-Nico line at the new year when Fat Quarter Shop was having a big sale. I had to have these British-inspired Japanese prints, which are a cotton/linen blend, but I had no idea what I would do with them. I just knew they were pink, British, transportation-themed (which Adam loves), and hugely marked down from their normally quite pricey per yard cost. When I laid out a bunch of fabric options for this pouf, Adam jumped at this one. And I agree, I think it’s edgy-cool but still whimsical enough to work in the baby’s room.

So that’s one more project finished in the baby’s room.