Adam was extremely jealous of my Plume Pillow for the couch, so the day after I finished mine I set to work on a more masculine one for him. And he loves it.

It’s exactly the same design as the Plume Pillow, made from this Cushion Couture tutorial by Jaybird Quilts and Quilt Dad. I asked Adam if he wanted a different design, but he liked the contrast of the same design with 2 completely different sets of fabrics (I’ve taught him well).

I am rather jealous of his pillow back. I didn’t show mine because it’s just boring plain brown, which I settled on after staring at my stash for ages without finding enough yardage of another fabric to go with mine. That’s the only draw back to using a fabric I only have in a layer cake. I should’ve gotten more yardage of 1 print for the back.

Anyway, for the life of me I cannot remember what this fabric is. And there was nothing on the selvedges to give me a clue. Which is making me crazy because it’s right on the tip of my brain, I can almost remember. Anyone out there know that this is? It’s a canvas, and Adam loved it, too.

The colors of this pillow are similar to the Authentic that Julie and John used for their Moda Bake Shop feature, but only one of these is an Authentic fabric. There’s some Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley, some Michael Miller Grey Citron, several mystery polka dots that were in my stash, even some Cake Rock Beach.