Here’s the deal with quilting lately: I’ve been doing a lot of it, but I haven’t been able to share. I realized just now that I never posted the finished Rainbow Strip Quilt, which I finished back in April (I think). So now that’s going on the To Do list.

But I’ve also been working on 3 other quilts I haven’t shared; two are top secret projects to be revealed later this year/early next year (in print!!!!), and the third is a wedding quilt for one of my very best friends,¬†Miss Maggie.

Maggie got married waaaay back in October, and I started a quilt for her before the wedding. I hated everything about it and didn’t even get to the sewing stage. I started cutting and realized it was wasn’t right at all, the quilting forces just were not with me. So it wasn’t until I found Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics collection that the fabrics made total sense (I don’t even know if they’ll like the orange, but I felt like there needed to be something in this quilt to remind them that it was from¬†me).

Then I found Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Pulley Rings pattern and decided that this was the double wedding ring design I would go with. It was perfect.

I’ve been plugging away for months, cutting a little bit here and sewing a little bit there, while I also work on my two secret quilts, finish the last of my online classes, and chase H around.

It is not going quickly.


Maggie and her husband Dave are moving to Denver next month, and I am not going to make that deadline. But they know a quilt is coming, and that I will make the 1 year anniversary deadline or bust. I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and start documenting my progress. That cat is out of the bag, they will know the pattern for their quilt. They’ll just have to wait patiently to see the finished product.

And to see how well I do with this whole pieced curves business.