Here are some good things that have happened lately, to turn my birthday frown upside down.


One of the GeekMoms, Natania, got a bunch of us hooked on Ipsy. My first bag came last month, and I just got the email that my February bag is on its way. Happy dance! I loved the goodies in the first bag (that Briogeo deep conditioner was amahzing).


I bought a fancy new iron! This is an incredibly dorky thing to be excited about unless you are a quilter, in which case it’s time to crack open the champagne (and no comments on dorkiness and quilting, we are an awesome people).


My in-laws sent wine! Lots and lots of wine! As a thank you for hosting the holidays, but still…WINE.


I’m the programming chair for the local alumnae chapter of my sorority (I don’t even know how I keep taking on more things), and last week I organized a bra fitting/shopping party at this incredible Jersey Shore boutique called Sweetest Sin. I love that place, and we had so much fun.


Cheese, pink champagne, and lady things. When your underwear matches, you can seriously do anything, ladies.


I ate this salted caramel chocolate brownie at Dish that same night. I do love Dish, even though for a solid year I kept calling it Dine.


H and Adam’s slippers lined up by the fire, I cannot even. All the feels.