I gave Adam these Star Wars car decals for Christmas, and yesterday we finally put them on our car.

I went with kind of a classic vision of family on the Swagger Wagon. Han and Leia with His and Hers blasters. And H as little Leia.

Adam decided to go with kind of a Return of the Jedi theme on his car, with Boba, Leia in the gold bikini, and an Ewok (which is more fitting for H than one might think).

I swear, we had an hour-long conversation about which characters to use. Should we pick an Episode and stick with a theme, can we use the male Yoda to represent H? Is R2D2 supposed to be a pet? Should we do an Imperial car and a Rebel Alliance car? Is it too icky to have Luke, Leia, and baby Leia? Would Darth, Leia in the bikini, and a baby Storm Trooper make me look like a prisoner in this family?

It was a deep, serious discussion. In the end I think they look pretty awesome!

UPDATED 6/12/13: My friend Walter has correctly pointed out that my car does NOT have Leia on it, but Padme. Oh, well. Still awesome.