So I was wrong about the International Food Festival. It was an additional event, not replacing Riverfest. Red Bank is just crazy with food festivals this year, and I am not complaining.

We went to Marine Park last Sunday and got in a quick trip around the festival before the heavens opened up and a giant thundering rainstorm came down. We just got into our car before the main event hit, getting wet but not completely soaked by the storm. I love this festival, even though I’m kind of prissy about outdoor summer events. I have a hard time settling in for an entire day at stuff like this. I start to itch on the grass even on a blanket, I get too hot, I yearn for access to a real bathroom. But a food tasting and a quick sampling of the sights and sounds is perfect for me. Especially now with the baby in tow, and with a stop for cupcakes from our favorite local spot.

H was fabulous as always.

I love BBQ meat on a stick. This was from a random festival truck, not a local joint.

Delicious lobster roll from Dish’s stand.

This was the Leroy Place Band, I think. They were really fun.

Then we left the park and went to Sugarush, which was only fitting since last year’s festival was the first time we’d heard about them. Sugarush has stealthily moved into our lives and taken over from Sugar Sweet Sunshine as the cupcake bakery of our obsession. And it’s not just because they’re local; We. Will. Travel. For. Cake. It’s because the cupcakes are pretty stupendous, we lucked out that they happen to be convenient, too.

They also give a lot to charity, and for the month of June you can buy these special edition Wicked-themed cupcakes. Chocolate, champaigne-infused pink-dyed, and mint with chocolate frosting. They are yummy, and $.75 from every one goes to The Trevor Project. We. Will. Eat. Cake. For. Excellent. Causes.