Last weekend was Riverfest, a free waterside food and music festival. Adam and I headed over there on Sunday and had so much fun. We’ve never been before.

There was so much incredible food, we didn’t know where to start. So we shared a few things.

A delicious slice from Pizza Fusion. So good we went home and ordered a pie for dinner.

Okay, I ate this one solo. A little lobster roll from Dish, already one of my favorite spots in Red Bank. This was just indescribably good. Chilled, fresh, creamy. Perfect on a hot day by the water.

This chicken sate from Temple Gourmet Chinese took forever to cook, but we were pleasantly surprised by how yummy it was. Not drowning in peanut sauce, really moist. We’d give it another try.

I was too busy having a coronary about the arrival of a good local cupcake bakery to take pictures of the actual cakes. They were delicious, super moist cakes. The chocolate buttercream was not a favorite in the Reeve household, too loose and shiny. Adam loves buttercream with a little bit of a crust and some body (like our all-time favorite spot). But the vanilla buttercream is perfect, and I’ve already been to the Sugarush shop once this week to pick up a couple more. I’m over the moon about this place, maybe I’ll do a post just on the shop one day.

It was a great time, we’ll definitely go back next year.