This is weird. It’s March 16th, which means we’re almost a quarter of the way through 2011 AND summer vacation is only 3 months away. And (as usual) I’m scrambling to keep up with what I’ve got going on.

Let me start by pointing out that Adam has a new mix up on–Control Vol. 2. If you like trance, go download it. If you’re not sure you like trance but need something new to listen to, go check it out. I love this mix, I’m listening to it right now.

And with that, here’s my latest juggling:

  • I might actually be getting the attic studio of my dreams. We’ve talked to some architects and are deciding what to do, but we need to sit down and sort through proposals.
  • I need to finish Sandra’s baby quilt. I’ve also got 2 more baby quilts and possibly a wedding quilt to make.
  • I’m finishing up a portfolio I need to put together for my 1st year at my new job. I want that done by spring break.
  • I want to plan a trip with Adam! We need a nice long break with each other this year. Maybe Spain.
  • I really need to see if I can find some quilting buddies closer to home. I love the Philly Modern Quilt Guild, but spending 3 hours in the car on a weeknight is just not practical for me. I’m never able to get to a meeting because I’m always too exhausted to make the drive!
  • I’m starting to plan my spring and summer projects. I think I want to plant tomatoes this year, and I need to do something about the front flowerbed.
  • It’s time to start my library orders for next year. Already!

That’s actually not so bad. Yay!