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I am so completely in love with it. I had some doubts when I first brought it into the dining room, but not anymore. I can’t believe I did this myself! I did have some help from the nice guys at Artistic Metal Finishing (AMF) who polished the hardware for me. They did an incredible job, I spent hours cleaning that hardware with Brasso just to get it looking like this:

They got it to look like this:

All the gross yellow and black tarnish is gone. It was the most expensive part of the project (about $200), but so completely worth it. I’d barely spent anything on this cabinet so far.

We also laid the bamboo rug we bought from Natural Area Rugs when I finished the catalog. It took me ages to find the right rug for that room at an affordable price, and I’m thrilled with how it looks in here now. I was really nervous buying it without seeing it, especially since the table is dark, too. But it all works. All we have to do now is wait for the conversion kit for our new light fixture, hang a couple more things on the walls, and this room will be perfect. It’s come along so much since last summer. I am so excited.