It’s that time of year again.

Adam will be doing his 24 Games in 24 Hours video game marathon on October 16th. Last year he raised nearly $1000 for Texas Children’s Hospital, and I’m so excited because this year Extra Life has partnered with Children’s Miracle Network. And you can designate the CMN hospital that gets your raised money, so Adam’s donating to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.

This is so close to my heart because CMN is Phi Mu’s national philanthropy, and I *try* to be active in my sorority’s local alumna chapter. This would be our chapter’s local CMN hospital, so it is really cool.

Any support for Adam would be HUGELY appreciated, and I’ll be updating up until the event in case we decide to have a party for the occasion. Last year’s Pac Man cupcakes were a hit in the Reeve household.